So who knew for all these years I was cleaning my dogs ears wrong and no wonder they were, and are always running away from me.   But no more, here is the best way I have found to clean their ears.   Get some cotton balls and put them in a dish, soak them with the ear cleaning solution of choice.   Then get a treat for your furry baby and have them come sit by you.   Place the liquid soaked cotton ball in their ear and massage gently.   By doing this the fluid from the cotton ball leaks into the ear canal instead of you squirting the solution into the ear.   I notice by doing the cotton ball method its less intense feeling for your furry friend and they are less likely to complain about having their ears cleaned. I also soak make up pads in the ear solution and wipe their ears out after the shaking and moaning has subdued.

What you will need for this task;

  • cotton balls
  • makeup removal pads
  • healthy dog treat/ or whatever you have that will convince your furry friend to come sit with you.
  • ear cleaning solution (I use my home made solution of apple cider vinegar and water mixed 50/50)
  • lots of love and patience

Hope this makes your ear cleaning task and little lighter and brighter.


Re-Post Cleaning Basset hounds Ears Genius

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